Stainless steel pet feeding bowl

made of stainless steel, the bottom is complemented by the rubber non-slip ring, safe placement on the smooth floor.

Size Options:
1# 11cm inner diameter, 15cm outer diameter  , 3.8cm height , 3cm deep , 65g weight
2# 14cm inner diameter, 18cm outer diameter , 5cm height , 4cm deep , 105g weight
3# 16cm inner diameter, 22cm outer diameter , 6cm height , 5cm deep , 140g weight
4# 20cm inner diameter , 25cm outer diameter ,6cm height , 5.5cm deep , 200g weight
5# 22cm inner diameter ,29cm outer diameter , 7cm height , 6.5cm deep , 260g weight
6# 25cm inner diameter ,33cm outer diameter , 8cm height , 7cm deep , 350g weight

Small size is suitable for small dogs and big size for large dogs

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