Parent-baby doggie sweater for winter


Why we love it:
You have many friends in your life,and you are the only one in his life



Baby size:
XS:Back 20cm (8in)/chest 20-31cm (8-12in)/neck 22-26cm (8-10in)

S:Back 23cm (9in)/chest 31-35cm (12-14in)/neck 26-29cm (10-11in)

M:Back 30cm (12in)/ chest 35-40cm (14-16in)/neck 29-32cm (11-12in)

L:Back 34cm (13in)/chest 40-45cm (16-18in)/neck 32-36cm (12-14in)

XL:Back 38cm (15in)/chest 45-50cm (18-20in)/neck 36-42cm (14-16in)

XXL:Back 42cm (17in)/chest 50-55cm (20-22in)/neck 42-47cm (16-18in)

3XL:Back 49cm (19in)/chest 55-63cm (22-25in)/neck 47-51cm (18-20in)

4XL:Back 55cm (22in)/chest 63-71cm (25-28in)/neck 51-56cm (20-22in)

5XL:Back 62cm (24in)/chest 71-80cm (28-31in)/neck 56-61cm (22-24in)

6XL:Back 77cm (30in)/chest 80-87cm (31-34in)/neck 61-66cm (24-26in)

Parents size:

S: Sleeve 58cm (22.8in)/ Length 59cm (23.2in)/ Chest 92-98cm (36-38in)/ shoulder 36cm (14.2in)/ suitable weight 40-50kg

M: Sleeve 59cm (23.2in)/ Length 60cm (23.6in)/ Chest 98-104cm (38-41in)/ shoulder 37cm (14.6in)/ suitable weight 50-60kg

L: Sleeve 60cm (23.6in)/ Length 64cm (24.4in)/ Chest 104-112cm (41-44in)/ shoulder 43cm (16.9in)/ suitable weight 60-75kg

XL;Sleeve 62cm (24.4in)/ Length 70cm (27.5in)/ Chest 112-120cm (44-47in)/ shoulder 45cm (17.7in)/ suitable weight 75-90kg

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