Lice & Nit Comb-- Metal Comb with Ergonomic Handle


Item Description:

 ·    Material Plastic+Stainless steel

 ·    Size5.8*6.8 cm

 ·    ColorDark blue/Purple/Red/Green/Orange/Pink/Yellow

 ·    Item TypeLice Comb

 ·    Quantity1pc

 ·    Weight22 g

 ·    BrandComzendle 


 ·    Clinically Proven to Be 100% effective in removing nits

 ·    FDA monitored medical device

 ·    Ergonomically designed handle for holding comfort

 ·    100% comfortably spaced stainless steel teeth with rounded tips

 ·    Easy to clean and reusable 

How to use:

 ·    Using Comb teeth to check for Lice and Nit infestations.For Removing Lice and Nits from the hair.


Package Includes: 

·    1x Lice Comb 

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