Four Legs Plush dog Hoodie


Why we love it:
Super warm and very stylish one

Short plush


Size Ref:
S:Back 22cm (8in)/chest 34-38cm (13-15in)/neck 28-30cm (11-12in)
M:Back 26cm (10in)/ chest 38-44cm (15-17in)/neck 30-32cm (12-13in)
L:Back 30cm (12in)/chest 44-48cm (17-19in)/neck 32-36cm (13-14in)
XL:Back 37cm (14in)/chest 48-52cm (19-21in)/neck 36-40cm (14-16in)

Recommend matching breed:
Small and medium-sized dog:
Poodle,Chihuahua,Pomeranian,Papillon,Pug,Dachshund,Bulldog,Bichon Frise,Yorkshire,Beagle,Miniature Schnauzer,Welsh Corgi etc.

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