Cowhide Spring Large Dog Collar Traction Rope


Why we love it:
High quality PU, hand-made,Domineering collar

Genuine Leather, Alloy spring

Black and Brown

Size Ref:
2.5cm with spring: Rope length125cm/Rope thickness1.8cm/Collar width2.5cm/    Collar neck35-47cm/Weight365g
3.0cm no spring: Rope length110cm/Rope thickness1.8cm/Collar width3.0cm/   Collar neck44-56cm/Weight350g
3.0cm with spring:Rope length110cm/Rope thickness1.8cm/Collar width3.0cm/    Collar neck44-56cm/Weight380g
4.0cm with spring:Rope length130cm/Rope thickness1.8cm/Collar width3.5cm/    Collar neck50-68cm/Weight460g

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