Outward Dog Backpack Travel Hiking Saddle Bag

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Both sides have large pockets, thus with a lot of space, which can be used to place dogs' snacks, water, cleaning supplies. Likewise, it can be used to place keys, wallets and so on. Furthermore, it is also very suitable for guide-dogs, police dogs and other working dogs. It can be used in supermarkets, food market, and be used to carry food and beverages on the trip.

Selling Points:

1. It can be both used for working and exercising. It can help carry things whrn the owner goes out, and can be put imto sandbag to take a weight-loss cardio workout.

2. It is more durable and new release edition with reflective stripe on the bag, ensure the safety of night walking.

3. With breathable mesh filled with sponge, it is more comfortable to wear. And added with double wings and chest pad in their back and chest, it can help reduce the displacement of the pack, thereby reducing the damage caused by friction.

Material: oxford cloth (100% polyester)

Color: Red / Black /Blue /Orange

Size Guide:

S Size:

Chest: 22.83"~25.20" / Stomach: 13.39"~20.08" / Neck: 14.17"~16.14"/ Recommended Pets Weight: 7.5-18 kg

M Size:

Chest: 27.56"~31.89" / Stomach: 16.14"~ 21.65" / Neck: 20.08~23.62" / Suitable Pets Weight: 18-28 kg

L Size:

Chest: 31.50"~34.25" / Stomach: 25.98"~38.98" / Neck: 24.02"~30.71" / Suitable Pets Weight: 28-40 kg

Packaged Included:
1*dog harness carrier

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