5 Reasons Why Your Dogs Really Needs Clothing

5 Reasons Why Your Dogs Really Needs Clothing

Do dogs really need clothing? After all, don’t dogs come with their own coat of fur ready-made? Some people would even argue that it’s cruel. The RSPCA (an animal welfare charity in the UK) says that people who dress their dogs up could be prosecuted. As with most things in life, dressing your dog should be done with a healthy dose of common sense. If it’s 90 degrees out, your dog does not need to be wearing anything. Your Husky does not need a jacket. If your dog can’t move in their clothing, take it off! But clothing can be extremely beneficial for dogs for the following reasons.

  • Warmth
Small dogs, elderly and/or ill dogs, dogs with hair and dogs with little body fat definitely benefit from having extra protection against the elements in the form of a warm sweater or coat. These dogs can have trouble retraining or creating enough body warmth to stay warm. Having a single coat of hair and minimal body fat means that your fur baby has scant protection against cold. My usual rule of thumb for him is if I wear a coat, he wears a coat. Without a coat, he shivers and looks pathetic. With a coat, he goes chasing after ducks in the snow and interrupting people’s selfies with snow people. 
Living in a city where rain is the primary mode for three seasons, a raincoat is vital for both of us on walks. If your dog didn’t have a raincoat, he wouldn’t be able to go for walks for the majority of the year. Which is cruel in his opinion. 
  • Cleanliness
Wearing clothing can be beneficial to both humans and dogs in terms of keeping them (and their environment) clean. Less dirt means fewer baths. Because your fur baby is low to the ground and his hair is a magnet to attract all the things, a jacket helps ensure that he drags a minimal amount of the outdoors around with him. It’s also helpful when he decides that he wants to roll in something disgusting. The clothing gets the brunt of it.
  • Visibility
Visibility is key to keeping your dog safe during nighttime walks, hunting season and off-leash hikes. Your fur baby is tan-colored and blends in with sand, dry grass, and dirt so I have him wear colorful clothing when he is off-leash so I can keep track of where he is roaming. He also has a visibility vest for walking in the dark and so he doesn’t get mistaken for a rabbit.
  • Health

Clothing can help dogs with allergies by preventing them from licking, chewing and scratching and proving a barrier between them and allergens. It can also prevent dogs from getting sunburn or from bothering their incisions. Boots can save your dogs from having salt in their paws and walking on abrasive or hot surfaces. A cooling vest can help them cool off.

  • Fashion

Dressing your dog up for holiday and special occasions can be a fun way to include them in the festivities if the dog doesn’t mind. Pawing at the clothing or freezing in place is a sure sign that they want it off asap. If they are strongly opposed to clothes, you can still have them wear a decorative bandanna or a bow-tie. Your fur baby basks in the additional attention he gets from wearing special outfits and will actually help me get him dressed and undressed. He is not fond of hats, however, and those are only worn for a minute or two at a time for a quick photo and he is rewarded heavily.

Does your dog wear clothes? Do you do it for fun or practical reasons? If your dog doesn’t, why not?

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